when the sun has set,no candle can replace it
Nineteen years old.
Puts on accents.
Sings off key.
Loves period dramas.
blog under repair
July 23rd 2013


More poetry and prose by Lang Leav here

January 10th 2013

my first two classes got canceled. can’t believe I woke up this early for nothing.

on the bright side, Supernatural is on TNT and i just watched the pilot ;)

December 04th 2012

i’m trying to modify my classes for next semester and all i want is for there to be a class where we discuss doctor who episodes. is that to much to ask?

September 30th 2012

so a wraith is basically a dementor?

September 25th 2012


Chicks in Hats by Julie Persons

The Internet was pretty much invented so that we could look at pictures of animals in funny hats, but Julie wants to help you cut out the middle man by offering specially designed hats for baby chickens at her etsy, though you’ll have to procure the chicks yourself.

(via: Incredible Things / Technabob)

September 19th 2012

  • person: so do you watch any tv shows?
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation
August 23rd 2012

paper hearts = written

moose track lips = work of progress

i love how this takes priority over everything else